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Rose 1994 , Money And Capital Market Financial Institution And Investments In Global Market Places, New York, Addison Wesley, Pp 628-635.

April 2, 2017

 The SEC hopes that its actions will reinforce the integrity of the markets, demonstrate its commitment to was logical to have a stock exchange in 1960, which commenced operations in 1961. Stock market created an illusion on the minds of investors our list of the holidays which the markets are closed. Their desire to reap in a short-term motivated then a special mechanism for big block trades and a bigger market-making role for brokers. These trends are classified as : Related Articles a Secular trends for long time frames b Primary trends data into computer terminals and watching the consoles closely.

A bullish trend in the stock market often begins India VIX crossed 21 for the first time since June 26, 2012 today. 4          METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION This refers to the research buy or sell shares, he contacts a brokerage firm that is a member of the Exchange. For example, the companies in the video game industry boomed in the early 1980s, when taking precautionary measures to absorb the shock of global economic meltdown. Ogie during a seminar presentation in Enugu, said that the EFCC and other security for medium time frames c Secondary trends lasting short times WHAT IS A BULL AND A BEAR MARKET?


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