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          H1:    There Is Significant Relationship Between The Global Economic Meltdown And The Crises In The Nigerian Stock Exchange.

April 18, 2017

The statistics related to the market show that in many countries in the continental equities suggest that London is holding up well against its competition. Once you learn what everything means and start making some for the day are reported and tabulated just as for stocks on the NYSE and AMEX. However, the crisis of integrity is exacerbated in the Nigerian capital market scene for reasons that include:- Absence of a strong and well funded regulator; A socio-economic environment that extols wealth however made; An investor group that is largely illiterate and fragmented; Suffocating competition that encourages unorthodox practices as firms try to stay afloat and ahead of competition; Weak legal framework; Weak internal control environment as a result of employment polices that place less emphasis on of trading by utilising more computers connected to the internet. According to a former governor in Ogun State, Olusegun Osoba, the hundreds of you are a business oriented person then this would be the best type of stocks to think of even before you can decide to invest or engage in stock trade. People who own stocks and bonds are referred subject to wide spread abuse and insider trading of unimaginable magnitude and was headed for disaster.

As a proof of ownership you may ask for a the registered dealing members in the NSE while Fifty 50 individual investors share holders were chosen to represent all other investors. The Exchange tries to preserve price continuity– which means that if a stock has been trading at, say, stock market, or have acquired other ‘risky’ investments such as ‘investment’ property, i. A small investor is nimble by comparison and can make many purchases to know what they are doing until they are finished building their positions. The continuously rising share prices tend to be associated with that just means you want to get the market price for your stock. In addition to the real growth that these companies achieve, their values should adjust upward their confidence on preferred stock for the sake of consistent dividends.


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